Company Profile

Chateau Anne Group is a Hong Kong based investment and development Company that has involved in the hospitality and Real Estate investment segments.
The group began acquiring a few run down properties and improving each's state to increase its market value. Over time, the Group has managed to build up its diversified portfolio in aspects of hospitality, F&B, manufacturing, and Trading.
Today, Chateau Anne Group has extended its presence in all over Asia. In Penang, the Group embarked on its first heritage hotel located in UNESCO World Heritage Site, George Town, Penang.
The company is set to increase its number of hotels and development establishments in Japan and Malaysia and would venture further to countries like Europe and China.


WELCOME TO MUSEUM HOTEL PENANG Step back in time and savour the opulence of a bygone era at the Museum Hotel. Located in a restored historic building in the heart of George Town, this gem of a boutique hotel offers a unique glimpse into the golden past of this world heritage listed city. Each spacious, luxuriously appointed themed suite is one-of-a-kind. Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Penang while you indulge your senses in luxury at the Museum Hotel.